Hi! I am Amy Oyler a family and wedding photographer based out of Rapid City, South Dakota. I started this business 12 years ago and still can hardly believe I get the privilege of making something for you that will last a lifetime. I photograph all over the hills but also nearly anywhere in the world you’d like to take me.
My husband Clint  (he’s an I/T guy) and my three kids, Ross (college student and foreign policy nerd), Eli (high school student and future trauma surgeon) and Evie (middle schooler and you-tube slime master) are the why behind nearly every decision I make. My family is my number one priority so you’ll be happy to know that when you are a legacy client . . . you are my family too!

I am really not that nostalgic but I do love things that have meaning.  I don’t have a whole storage unit full of my grandparent’s things I couldn’t part with (no offense if you do!).  What  I do have is photographs.  This is one of my grandparents before they were married.  On the back, in my grandpa’s handwriting it says.  “Jean and I at camp.  It doesn’t do her justice, take it from me”  circa 1939 <3

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